Taz Bhachoo

Head of Sales at Kaiko Systems

Taz Bhachoo has a diverse range of work experience in the sales and technology industries. Taz has held the position of Head of Sales at Kaiko Systems, a company that provides structured and verified data to shipping companies. Taz has also worked as an Angel Investor at Lative and Uhubs, where they focused on investing in and supporting technology platforms that improve sales efficiency. Taz is an Angel Investor and Member at The User Syndicate, an angel syndicate and community designed for end-users of tech-enabled solutions. Taz was an Associate Member at Revenue Collective, an organization for sales professionals. Prior to their roles as an investor, Taz served as the Head of Sales at SEDNA, a company that offers an intelligent communication system for organizations. Taz was also a Regional Sales Manager at Peakon, where they helped drive the improvement of employee engagement through data-driven measurement and insights. Earlier in their career, Taz worked as the Director of Business Development at Onalytica, where they partnered with marketing professionals to develop influencer marketing strategies. Taz also served as an Account Executive at Gartner, where they worked with SMB clients and technology firms to provide strategic advice and insights. Before entering the technology industry, Taz served as the London Wing Media and Communications Officer for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, where they were responsible for promoting the organization through social media channels.

Taz Bhachoo's education history is as follows:

- Taz attended King Henry VIII Senior School, where they studied for their GCSE/A Level qualifications.

- Taz then went on to the University of Exeter, where they pursued an LLB (Hons) degree in Law.

- After completing their undergraduate studies, Taz furthered their education at The University of Law, where they obtained a BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course) degree in Law.


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