Kanakuk Kamps


Kanakuk offers camping services for children with fun, safe and professional outdoor youth camping experiences.






Org chart

Joe White

Doug Goodwin
President of Kanakuk Ministries
John Jensen
Chief Business Officer
Collin Sparks
Executive Director of Kamp Ministries
Matt Houston
Executive Director of Kamp Operations
Trish Barnes
Executive Women's Director
Sharon Smith
Director Transportation
Rebecca Duncan
Director Health Services
Patrick Cone
Director, K-2 Men's
Julie Coxie
Director Human Resources
Jimmy Funderburk
Director KampOut
Kara Williams
Director of Partnerships, KampOut
Phil Smith
Director, KampOut Site
Keith West
Director K-Kauai
Scott Morris
Director Father Son Kamp
Adam Donyes
Director K-Equip
Joe Sewell
Director, K-2 Program
Katherine Field
Director, KampOut! Site
Mia Wiersema
Director, KampOut! Site
Caleb Gaunce
Director, K-Seven Personnel
Lindsey Sloan
Assistant Director K-Kauai
Michael Sloan
Assistant Director K-Kauai
Casey Melvin
Assistant Director, K-Kauai
Cooper McCullough
Assistant Director, K-Kountry