Kanza Cooperative Association


Kanza Cooperative Association is about people - generations of hard-working Kansas farmers who decided over 100 years ago that working together, they are stronger. Those relationships, and that vision, brought Kanza to where it is today, and will lead it into the future by helping today’s Kansas fa... Read more





Org chart

Alan Woodard

Jeff Bolen
SVP, Retail Operations
Jim Bob Lewton
SVP, Grain Operations
Bryan Nickelson
VP, Agronomy
Randy Dowling
Manager, Iuka Feeds
Jeff Krehbiel
Manager, Sunflower Commodity Trading
Matt Newell
Trucking Division Manager
Corey Koett
Western Division Agronomy Manager
Dallas Zielke
Maintenance Division Manager
Chad Nowak
Eastern Division Energy Manager
Janie Austin
Eastern Division Grain Manager
Jorja Coleman
Convenience Store Division Manager
Lucas Newell
Western Division Energy Manager
Gates Hunley
St. John Location Manager, Farm Store Manager
Joe Horsch
Andale Elevator Manager
Rex Robinson
Coats Location Manager
Anthony Holmes
Iuka Elevator Manager
Gary Head
Sedgwick Location Manager
Paul Eisenhour
Stafford Location Manager
Remington Smith
Zenith Location Manager
Marshall Slief
Antrim Location Manager
Alan Ballinger
Colwich Location Manager
Doug Scheer
Eastern Division Seed Manager
Seth Armstrong
Randle Location Manager
Cain Amos
Dillwyn Location Manager
Amy Rex
Stafford Farmstore Manager
Heath Hogan
Byers Location Manager
Jim Walton
Furley Location Manager