Liang Zhou

Chief Executive Officer at Karma Automotive

Liang was practically born in a car plant. His father worked in a plant; Liang worked in a plant; and his son is studying to someday manage a plant.

At one time, you would have described Liang as a guy with “oil in his veins”. But not anymore. What drew Liang here was the opportunity to build fast, luxurious, ELECTRIC cars, because in his heart Liang is an environmentalist. He loves green grass, blue sky, and what nature gives us, and believes fiercely in protecting our natural gifts for the next generation.

He came to us from Beijing Foton-Daimler Automotive, where he was CEO, President, and Board Director. He holds Bachelors, Masters, and Phd degrees from world-class technical universities.

It wasn’t easy to find someone with these qualifications who loves to drive AND who talks about sustainability every day. We think he is a perfect fit.


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