Bala Balasubramanian

Group CEO at Karya Technologies

With 35 years of abundant IT Experience, Bala pioneered KARYA Technologies' Inception. He founded J&B Software in 1984 and spearheaded J&B's growth into an Industry Leader. With over 20 years of work in developing Advanced Payment Processing Solutions at J&B Software, Bala has brought together Innovative Technologies, Business Expertise and Entrepreneurial Skills to deliver state-of-the- art solutions to more than 165 Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies across US and Canada. This unique accomplishment has made him a very Successful Entrepreneur with a great Vision in embarking on new and niche Ventures. Besides providing Vision and Strategic guidance for KARYA Technologies, Bala enjoys Golfing.



  • Group CEO

    January, 2008 - present

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