Fausto Serratos

Realtime Operations Manager at Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

Fausto Serratos has a strong background in maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment, with experience in various roles such as Turbine Operator, Electric Station Operator, Load Dispatcher, Generation Resource Planner, and Realtime Operations Manager. Prior to their current position at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Fausto worked as a Maintenance Mechanic at Orowheat Bakery and Chef America. Additionally, Fausto served as an Electrician in the US Navy. Fausto attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College from 1994 to 1996.


Previous companies

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  • Realtime Operations Manager

    September, 2022 - present

  • Grid Operations Senior Load Dispatcher

    November, 2017

  • Generation Resource Planner

    February, 2015

  • Senior Load Dispatcher

    March, 2012

  • Load Dispatcher

    February, 2003

  • Turbine Operator

    November, 2000

  • Electric Station Operator

    November, 1998

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