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Welcome to Limitless Foundation. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the fight for equitable and accessible healthcare through education, community engagement, and advocacy efforts.


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Meet Christine Nguyen, CEO of Limitless Foundation

Meet Christine Nguyen, CEO of Limitless Foundation

Saying Christine Nguyen likes to stay busy feels like a massive understatement. The founder of Limitless Foundation, Christine is also studying towards her Bachelor of Science at Washington University, where she is President of the Catholic Student Union, and she is also a teaching assistant in management communication. On top of that, she is the Engagement Manager Sponsor for Consult Your Community, which provides pro bono consulting for small business owners. Christine’s passion for all these ventures is what binds them together. She’s a strong believer in good causes, and in the case of Limitless Foundation, that cause is extremely personal. “In my junior year of high school, my uncle passed away from stage four colon cancer,” she says. “Watching him go through the treatment process, there were so many disparities that I noticed in the healthcare system. Getting that first hand experience made me realize how much more work there is in not only reforming larger systemic issues in healthcare, but also being able to improve the quality of life for so many patients and their families.” Limitless Foundation was born out of Christine’s belief that healthcare is a human right. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the foundation aims to provide support to patients and their families in a range of ways. “When we first started we were mainly providing handmade items to cancer patients. We’re moving into the next phase at the moment, where we have a three-pronged model of education, advocacy and community. That means things like publishing guides and information resources for families that break down medical jargon or language barriers. “Even with things like COVID vaccines, and the issues around them for people who are struggling to make that decision. People want access to information and they want it in a succinct way to be able to make a fully informed decision for their health.” Christine sees a range of creative ways Limitless can deliver on its goals, such as picture books that help family members to understand diagnoses of their loved ones. That also includes translation services for families who need it, and even making hats for those battling with sickness. “When I was younger I actually thought I wanted to go into the medical field. That wasn't necessarily the right path for me, but this was a way for me to continue to give back to that space in a way that was more suited for my talents.” Most of the work Limitless does has been focused around her base in Oklahoma, though Christine does have a remote team dotted around the United States. She’s moving to Dallas this year, and has no plans of slowing down, so she’ll be staying busy for a while yet. “I definitely have to force myself into scheduling blocks of four to five hours at a time to work on Limitless. It changes week to week if time allows, but I try to give myself minimum or maximum time commitment based on what else is going on.”