Amy Parker

Head of Global Events at LogicMonitor

Amy Parker is the head of global events at LogicMonitor. Amy has over three years of experience in event planning, development, and execution, with a focus on CxO roundtables, councils, and advisory boards.

Prior to LogicMonitor, Amy was the head of global events at WeWork, where they were responsible for programs that influenced CIOs, CMOs, and other key influencers. During their time at WeWork, they executed on programs that influenced over $80M in pipeline and assisted in the creation and execution of the company's first CMO Advisory Board.

Amy has a proven track record of delivering successful events that drive sales and expand company footprints. Amy is skilled in coordinating efforts across multiple teams, defining meeting/program metrics, and measuring and evaluating program effectiveness. Amy is also experienced in managing relationships with outside vendors and third-party companies.

Amy Parker has a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University.

and Dawn Carney - Director, Global Events reports to Amy Parker. Some of their coworkers include Yvonne Schroeder - Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel, William Corkery - Chief Revenue Officer, and Ryan Worobel - CIO. Amy Parker reports to Christina Kosmowski, CEO.


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