Angelique Palmen

Board Member at Maastricht University

Angelique Palmen is a board member at Maastricht University and a former CEO/CFO of Mijnwater BV. Angelique has also worked at Ruijters vastgoed and Maastricht Aachen Airport. Angelique is passionate about sustainable energy and has worked hard to ensure that Mijnwater BV contributes to a sustainable energy supply. In their role as CEO/CFO, they oversaw the recruitment of new customers and the expansion of the company's operations. Under their leadership, Mijnwater BV became a leading provider of mine water energy in the Netherlands. Angelique is a dedicated professional with a strong commitment to their work. Angelique is an expert in their field and has a proven track record of success.

Angelique Palmen is a certified commissioner with a background in economics and business administration from Maastricht University. Angelique also has a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from the CFA Institute (heretofore AIMR).


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