Jason Smith

Venture Acceleration Fellow at MATTER

Jason Smith is a leading-edge technologist and executive with more than 20 years of industry experience. He has held positions in early-stage companies, large multinational corporations and venture capital incubators yielding a rich professional background. In his roles such as CEO, chief product officer, VP of corporate development, VP of product and chief architect, he has been responsible for the management of various functional areas including strategy, product development, technology and operations. Jason has successfully built and sold multiple early-stage companies and services firms to large global organizations.

Jason has successfully driven the licensing of technologies and intellectual property to companies ranging from medium-size enterprises to the Fortune 500. The licensing includes his own IP contributions, which have been granted multiple domestic and international patents in the fields of bioinformatics, high-speed computation, video, graphics architecture and security.

Jason brings extensive experience in building and growing startups, technology service firms, and product development organizations. He helps focus companies to understand who their customers are, what products should be built to meet their customers’ needs, and how to get the product into customers’ hands.

Jason is an angel investor and active startup mentor.



  • Venture Acceleration Fellow

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