Inès Griffoux

Deputy Quality Manager at Mauna Kea Technologies

Inès Griffoux has a varied work experience, beginning in 2013 with a Stagiaire role at SRA SAVAC, followed by a Chargée d'affaires role at Junior Polyenco. In 2014, they held an Engineering Assistant Internship at the Department Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University of Western Ontario - LifeLike BioTissue, where they investigated how additive loading affects mechanical properties of PVA composites. In 2016, they were an Alternance - Chargée des Affaires Réglementaires et de la Qualité at GEMA life and a Stagiaire Qualité et Affaires Réglementaires at NORAKER - Innovative Biomaterials. Since 2017, they have been at Mauna Kea Technologies, where they have held the roles of Quality Engineer, Senior Quality Engineer and Deputy Quality Manager.

Inès Griffoux completed a Master 2 in Engineering of Health from Polytech Lyon in 2017, a Diploma in Engineering of Surfaces from Polytech Lyon in 2017, and a Classe Préparatoire Intégrée à l'École Polytech Lyon from 2011 to 2013.


Previous companies

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  • Deputy Quality Manager

    January, 2022 - present

  • Senior Quality Engineer

    January, 2021

  • Quality Engineer

    September, 2017