Michael G. Rademaker

Founder & CEO at MGR Real Estate

Michael G. Rademaker is founder and CEO of MGR Property Management, MGR Real Estate and MGR Services, a family of businesses based in the Inland Empire. Rademaker first entered the real estate market at 19 years old, fueled by an insatiable desire to learn and a commitment to provide a unique yet superior product for his clients. He is no stranger to the region and now owns and operates one of the leading residential and commercial real estate sales, leasing, and management companies in Southern California.

Over the decades, Rademaker has helped clients successfully grow their real estate investment portfolios while providing an unparalleled perspective on the Southern California real estate market. That success has powered MGR’s remarkable growth across the region with offices in Ontario, Victorville, and Carlsbad. Rademaker and his team provide expert advice on a multitude of residential and commercial investments. These include multifamily apartments, office, retail, industrial, land, condominiums, hotels and restaurants, as well as other business opportunities.



  • Founder & CEO

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