Ron Domanico

Senior Practitioner at Modern Executive Solutions

Ron Domanico is a career CFO (public and private) with 32 years in the seat and an extensive track record of strategic transformation and value creation. He is an experienced board “financial expert” who has driven highly profitable liquidity events, successfully raised debt and equity capital, chaired audit committees and participated on special committees. Ron has material relevant experience in ESG / Sustainability, compensation, governance, and Enterprise Risk Management including Talent and Cyber.

Ron was instrumental in the strategic transformation of Brinks from “cash-in-transit” to tech-enabled digital payments. The refocused organic growth strategy, combined with dozens of accretive acquisitions, grew revenue 63% and operating profit 172% in six years. At HD Supply, Ron developed and executed the strategy to consolidate the portfolio, drive industry leading performance, and complete the highest-levered IPO in Wall Street history. Over seven years in Kraft General Foods Scandinavia, Ron led a ten-fold increase in revenue and generated the company’s highest global margins.



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