Terence McGrotty

Director - Program Onboarding And Compliance at ModusLink

Terence McGrotty has a wealth of experience in various leadership roles within multinational companies. Terence has worked as the Director of Program Onboarding and Compliance at ModusLink, where they showcased their expertise in business process outsourcing and problem-solving. In addition, they served as the Director of Enterprise Account Management, overseeing global supply chain solutions for technology industries. Prior to their time at ModusLink, Terence was a Principal at ValuLynx, specializing in business improvement and project execution. Terence also held the position of Director of Global Accounts at R R Donnelley, managing multi-million dollar supply chain solutions for Fortune 500 customers. Before that, Terence worked at IBM Software Group as the General Manager and as the Director of Operations. Terence'searly experience included roles as the Engineering and Production Manager and the Quality and Engineering Manager at Lotus Development.

Terence McGrotty completed an MSc in Management Practice at Trinity College Dublin from 1990 to 1992. Additionally, they pursued studies in Electrical & Industrial Engineering at Technological University Dublin, although the specific duration and degree attained are unknown.


Previous companies

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  • Director - Program Onboarding And Compliance

    November, 2016 - present

  • Director - Enterprise Account Management

    July, 2012