Dominic Dithurbide

Marketing Director at MotionPoint

Dominic Dithurbide has extensive work experience in the marketing field, starting from their role as a Sales and Marketing Intern at MotionPoint in September 2017. Dominic then transitioned to a Marketing Intern position within the same company in November 2017. Dominic further advanced their career at MotionPoint, taking on the role of a Digital Marketing Specialist in November 2017 and later becoming a Marketing Specialist: Demand Generation Manager in December 2020. Their skills and expertise were recognized, leading him to be promoted to the position of Marketing Manager in August 2022. Currently, Dominic holds the position of Marketing Director at MotionPoint, starting in February 2023.

In addition to their marketing experience, Dominic also gained valuable media skills at Televisa, where they worked as a Reporter during the summer of 2017. In this role, they managed a team, wrote interviews, and performed investigative reporting.

Dominic Dithurbide's education history begins in 2013 when they enrolled in Lynn University. From 2013 to 2017, Dominic pursued a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Multimedia Journalism, with a focus on Marketing and Journalism. During the same period, they also obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree in Marketing from Lynn University.

In 2017, Dominic continued their studies at Lynn University, this time pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in Marketing. Dominic completed their MBA in 2018.

In terms of certifications, Dominic obtained various qualifications. In March 2020, they received the "Inbound Certified" and "Inbound Marketing Certified" certifications from HubSpot Academy. Additionally, in April 2020, Dominic acquired the "Advertising on LinkedIn" certification from LinkedIn. In July 2020, they obtained the "Setting a Marketing Budget" and "Writing a Marketing Plan" certifications, also from LinkedIn.



  • Marketing Director

    February, 2023 - present

  • Marketing Manager

    August, 2022

  • Marketing Specialist: Demand Generation Manager

    December, 2020

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

    November, 2017

  • Marketing Intern

    September, 2017

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