Lucy Buckley

Chief Executive Officer at Nektan PLC

Lucy Buckley is the current Chief Executive Officer at Nektan PLC. Prior to their current position, they served as the Strategy and Innovation Consultant at Lucidity Global from October 2019 to May 2020. Lucy also served as the CEO at NEKTAN PLC from December 2018 to September 2019.

Under their leadership, NEKTAN PLC underwent a significant transformation, including a 43% debt reduction, the sale of a loss-making subsidiary, and the development of a new strategy and product roadmap. As a result of these changes, the company was able to increase its digital conversion, focus on player experience and retention, and reach new international markets.

Buckley’s experience in casino, sports, and lottery industries makes their uniquely qualified to lead Nektan PLC. Her strong track record of success in both start-ups and large organizations has positioned their well to continue Nektan PLC’s growth and expansion.

Lucy Buckley has a Master of Business Administration from Cass Business School, a post-graduate degree in public and media relations from Cardiff University, and an English BA Hons from the University of Nottingham. Lucy also attended Eastbourne College.

Jaydeep Chakravartty - Vice President, Commercials, Manoj Batra - Chief Technology Officer, and Jane Ryan - Chief Operating Officer report to Lucy Buckley.


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