Nestlé SA is a Swiss transnational food and drink company headquartered in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.





Org chart

Mark Schneider

Bernard Meunier
Deputy EVP, Head of Nestlé Coffee Brands
François-Xavier Roger
EVP, Chief Financial Officer
Greg Behar
CEO, Nestlé Health Science S.A.
Leanne Geale
General Counsel & EVP, Corporate Governance & Compliance
Stefan Palzer
EVP, Chief Technology Officer
Lisa Gibby
Deputy EVP, Chief Communcations Officer
Marco Settembri
EVP, CEO Zone Europe, Middle East and North Africa
Sanjay Bahadur
Deputy EVP, Head of Group Strategy & Business Development
David Rennie
Deputy EVP & Head of Nestlé Coffee Brands
Sandra Martínez
CEO, Nestlé Oceania
Remy Ejel
Chief Executive Officer Zone Asia, Oceania and Africa
Steven Wood Presley
Chief Executive Officer, Zone North America
Laurent Freixe
EVP, CEO Zone- Latin America
David Xiqiang Zhang
EVP, CEO-Zone Greater China
Stephanie Pullings Hart
EVP & Head of Operations
Béatrice Guillaume-Grabisch
Head of Group Human Resources & Business Services
David Frick
SVP, Nestlé S.A., Corporate Governance, Compliance & Corporate Services
Chris Hogg
VP, Head Of Communications, Zone Asia, Oceania and Sub-Saharan Africa
Michelle Alvarillo
VP Regional Manager, South East Asia, Zone Asia-Oceania-Sub Saharan Africa