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Nextlink is a high speed Internet service provider with next generation phone services.





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Gage Weldon
Network Operations Center Technician


We lean into action

We maintain the highest level of urgency and take the initiative. We accept calculated risks without fear of failure and we build supportive teams with decisive leadership. We avoid bureaucracy and focus on being lean, agile and flexible.

We dare to be transparent

We communicate candidly and in a direct manner so that we can make our vision and plan clear to our teams. We have the will to operate without boundaries and are willing to share and admit mistakes for learning.

We are performance driven

We have an intense competitive edge and always challenge for the best performance. We always search for the best people. We set stretch targets so that we can be held accountable for results. We are fact and data-based and measure all progress and results. We encourage the freedom to disagree and recognize and reward progress and performance.

We are externally aware

We are subscriber driven and understand the competitors relative to ourselves.

We Continuously Improve

We commit to continuously learning and teaching and embrace change as the only path forward.

We Do What's Right

We act with integrity and we treat people with respect.