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Nynas produces transformer oils, base oils, tyre oils, rubber oils, process oils and bitumen for paving and industrial applications.





Org chart

Stein Ivar Bye
Acting President & CEO

Stein Ivar Bye

Rolf Allgulander
VP, Manufacturing
Simon Day
VP, Sales & Marketing
Johan Andersson
VP, Group Strategy & Sustainable Development
Anders Nilsson
Director, Supply Chain
Ann Ekman
HR Director
Ewa Beskow
Project Director Human Resources
Jan Byström
Chief Procurement Officer
Benny Jandér
Sales Director Bitumen Scandinavia | Managing Director- Nynas A/s Denmark & Nynas AS Norway
Jane Dunne
Sales Director & Managing Director
Ole Kristian Sivertsen
Vice President Strategy, Sustainability, Transformation And Operational Excellence
Angelica Hannerfeldt
Accounting Manager Nordic
Gisela Pradère
Finance And Accounting Manager
Joanna Kosinska
Finance Manager - Europe, Asia, Africa, America
Magnus Bränge
Interim Finance Manager
Maria Lavas
Group Compensation And Benefits Manager
Pontus Miöen
Manager Of Accounts Receivable - Arap/ Nordic Shared Services In The Finance Department