Panmure Gordon


Panmure Gordon is a UK based investment bank providing a full range of services including Capital Raising, Corporate Advisory, Corporate Broking, Investor Relations, Research, Sales and Execution with distribution to the UK, Europe and the US.






Org chart

Rich Ricci

Richard Morecombe
President & Head of Equities
Matt Press
Chief Administrative Officer
Kevin Wall
Chair, Client Engagement
Mark Murphy
Vice Chair, Corporate Broking Services
Stephen Jones
MD & Head of Investment Banking
Sapna Shah
MD, Co-Head Investment Funds
Freddy Crossley
MD, Head of Healthcare
Simon French
MD, Head of Research
Michael Janes
MD, Head of Investment Funds, Sales & Execution
Barry Wainwright
MD, Head of Compliance & Legal
Dominic Morley
MD, Head of Corporate Advisory
Tom Scrivens
MD, Head of Corporate Broking Services
Adam Howson
MD, Head of Execution
Eric Scheurer
MD, Head of Finance & Risk
John Prior
MD, Head of Natural Resources & NECT
Ian Gibson
MD, Head of Trading
Nick Hiley
MD, Head of Sales
Giles Leather
Vice Chair, Sales
Julian Dickinson
Vice Chair, Sales