Margaret Rogers

CEO at Pariveda Solutions

Ms. Margaret Rogers is the Chief Executive Officerr at Pariveda Solutions. She has over 25 years of experience in digital consulting services with a passion for coaching organizations through their digital transformations. Margaret collaborates with leaders to manage the natural tension between business wants and customer needs. Using business, technical, and user-centered design methods, Margaret energizes forward-thinking solutions to evolve and stretch digital capabilities. Rogers also led Pariveda's New York Office as Managing Vice President and several other operational roles in Rogers' first eight years at Pariveda.

Prior to joining Pariveda Solutions, Margaret worked as a Senior Director of Engagement and Digital Strategy for multi-million dollar clients within the DC area. Her projects had a wide range of technologies which included content management solutions, content strategy, analytics strategy, digital asset management, intranet, and e-commerce. She also began seeding the Digital Strategy Practice that included creating execution roadmaps for infrastructures, products, and digital marketing. She is passionate about creating strategies and plans based on primary and secondary research to make smart choices where outcomes can be measured. Her experience spans across industries including non-profit, retail, media/telecomm, automotive, gaming, and manufacturing allowing her to re-purpose applications for other industries.

Before working with Digital Strategy projects, Margaret was the founder of her own consulting services firm focused on content management systems. She had the opportunity to work with international enterprise implementations which spanned across multiple lines of B2B and B2C businesses. Within that experience, Margaret created frameworks to help guide organizations through content creation, organization, and strategy. Prior to her own ventures, Margaret has also held positions at Accenture, Proxicom and other digital agencies.


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