Pets Deli

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PETS DELI is a leading D2C pet food brand in Germany with a clear focus on subscription based eCommerce, headquartered in Berlin. The company’s vision is to become the ultimate biggest and most customer centric D2C pet food brand in its core markets. PETS DELI’s unique business model is based on mul... Read more







Org chart

Jan Billenkamp
CEO / Managing Director (Marketing, Digital, Tech)

Jan Billenkamp

Andreas Hodde
Head of fulfillment center
Chris Hägner
Head of Data & CRM
Eylul Eygi
Head Of Business Development & Digital Marketing
Julia Berkefeld
Head Of Sales
Mathias Fecht
Head Of Customer Service
Oliver Barth
Senior Supply Chain Manager
Raphaela Melingo
Head of New Product Development & Success
Sarah Melingo
Head Of Marketing & Onsite At Pets Deli
Christopher Braun
Creative Director
Susan-Rose Luley
Performance Marketing Manager - Affiliate & Marketplace
Undine Tackmann
Expert SEO Content Writer
Sabrina Zagst
Product Marketing Manager
Milena Rabika
Influencer Marketing Managerin
Michael Kneer
Performance Marketing Manager
Chiara Greul
Brand Marketing
Anne Dienemann
Senior Influencer Marketing Manager
Martín Aberastegue
Lead SEO / SEA Manager
Sylvia Matzkowiak
Influencer Marketing Manager