Pew Research Center


Pew Research Center is an American research firm that conducts research related to social issues, demographics, social trends, and more.






Org chart

Michael Dimock

Tobi Walker
Chief of Staff
Neha Sahgal
VP, Research
Michelle Hudgins
VP, Communications
Courtney Kennedy
VP, Methods & Innovation
Neil G. Ruiz
Head, New Research Initiatives
Peter Bell
Associate Director, Digital
Aaron Smith
Director, Data Labs
Christie Moon
Director, Human Resources
Alycia Kantor
Director, Legal Affairs
Nikolas Wissmann
Director of Financial Administration
Stacy Rosenberg
Director, Digital Strategy
Rachel Drian
Associate Director, Communications
John Wade
Office Services Manager
Dorene Asare-Marfo
Panel Manager
Anna Schiller
Associate Director, Communications
Michael Lipka
Editorial Manager
Tanya Arditi
Senior Communications Manager
Nida Asheer
Senior Communications Manager
Hannah Klein
Senior Communications Manager
Haley Nolan
Communications Manager
Kelsey Beveridge
Communications Associate
Andrew Grant
Communications Associate
Gar Meng Leong
Communications Manager
Julia O’Hanlon
Communications Manager
Talia Price
Communications Associate
Rebecca Kielty
Office Services Coordinator
Beshay Sakla
Associate Digital Producer
Jenn Hatfield
Writer & Editor
Kaitlyn Radde
Associate Information Graphics Designer
John Carlo Mandapat
Information Graphics Designer
Seth Rubenstein
Lead Web Developer
Galen Stocking
Senior Computational Social Scientist
Leah Tucker
Administrative Coordinator
Valerie Floro
Executive Assistant
Luis Noe-Bustamante
Research Associate
Rebecca Weiss
Engineering Director, Hidden Door
Jens Manuel Krogstad
Senior Writer & Editor
Sahana Mukherjee
Associate Director, Research