Nick Smith

Head of Vlast Customer Success at PickStar



Adelaide, Australia

Work style

How I prefer to work

Remote & Office


Mostly in a team

Qualities I value in my colleagues

  • Honesty
  • patience
  • ownership
  • work ethic
  • integrity

My communication style

  • Calm
  • thoughtful
  • genuine

My pet peeves

  • Unreliability
  • inauthenticity
  • dishonesty
  • disloyalty

Fun fact

I have my own LinkedIn hashtag which is growing rapidly #saaswithsmith

Personal Q&A

  • How would you describe your strengths?

    A hard worker who likes to plan out things ahead of time. Loves building strong relationships with clients and will always honor my commitments and promises.


  • Head of Vlast Customer Success

    Current role

A panel showing how The Org can help with contacting the right person.