Prime Healthcare


Founded in 2001, Prime Healthcare has emerged as one of the nation’s leading hospital systems. Prime Healthcare was founded by Dr. Prem Reddy, a physician with a mission to save hospitals, improve community healthcare and provide the very best care to patients.





Prem Reddy
Chairman, President & CEO

Prem Reddy

Kavitha Bhatia
President & Chair, Prime Healthcare Foundation & Chief Medical Officer of Strategy
Sunny Bhatia
CEO, Region I & Corporate Chief Medical Officer
Sonia Mehta
CEO, Region II, Corporate Chief Medical Officer & Chief Academic Officer
Harsha Upadhyay
CEO, Region III
Luis Leon
CEO, Region VI & COO
Saju George
CEO, Region V
Raghu Chennareddy
Chief Information Officer
Jay Lipps
Chief Accounting Officer
Clay Wombacher
Chief Compliance Officer
Amy Searls
Chief Experience Officer
Paryus Patel
Corporate Chief Medical Officer Region III-VI
Billie Pierce
VP & Deputy General Counsel & Chief Employment Counsel
Erica Reilley
VP, General Counsel & Chief Litigation Counsel
Jim Gilman
VP & General Counsel
Ravi Reddy
EVP, Shared Services
Ahmad Imran
VP, Quality & Value-Based Care
Charles Kim
VP, Real Estate & Asset Management
Ajith Kumar
VP, Digital Transformation
Michael Marron
VP, Decision Support
Elizabeth Nikels
VP, Communications & Public Relations
Pinaki Ghosh Ray
VP, Outsourcing & Strategy
Ken Park
VP, Rural Health
Seetha Reddy
VP, Ancillary Operations
Rakesh Seth
VP, Facilities & Construction
David Silverman
VP, Pharmacy
Shannon Bol
VP, Managed Care, Region II
Ken Wheeler
Regional VP, Patient Financial Services
Ali Zadeh
VP, ASC Development & Operations
Emmanuel Damalie
Regional VP, Clinical Integration
Edward Gong
Regional VP, Managed Care
Syed Kazmi
Regional Chief Medical Officer, Northeast Region
Acqueline Pester-Babcock
Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Region II
Hollie Vaughan
Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Region VI
Selvan Murugan
Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Region V
Wesley Robinson
Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Region III
Akila Pasupulati
Regional VP, Utilization Review
Tonya Rhoades
VP, EHP Claims & Operations
Adnan Khan
Director Laboratory Operations