Mats Stigzelius

Partner & CIO, Rainmaking Venture Studio, UK at Rainmaking

Mats Stigzelius is a partner and CIO at Rainmaking Venture Studio, UK. Mats has over fifteen years of experience in the startup ecosystem including co-founding Proskin Clinics and Rainmaking Loft. Mats also has experience working with The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Baugur Group.

Mats Stigzelius has a M.Eng in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Manchester and also attended the Lorentz International School.

They are on a team with Matt Buckland - Founder & HOT, Rainmaking Venture Studio UK, Kasper Vardrup - Founder & CEO, Rainmaking Venture Studio, Nordics, and Lee Pickrell - Founder & CTO, Rainmaking Venture Studio UK. Mats Stigzelius reports to Carsten Kølbek, CEO & co-Founder.



  • Partner & CIO, Rainmaking Venture Studio, UK

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