David Skirzenski

CEO at Raistone Capital

Dave is responsible for managing all facets of the business, including strategy, operations, product innovation and the firm’s go-to-market platforms. Dave is focused on helping companies achieve their vision and orienting them towards action. Dave has more than 20 years of experience building and operating fintechs around the world. His deep knowledge of both technology and finance is a competitive advantage for leading Raistone Capital. From IBM to Ariba, Dave has managed core development teams that both launched and innovated software platforms. Dave moved solidly into the financial technology space beginning at Morgan Stanley and then Citibank, the latter as North American Head of Supplier Finance. He is a veritable virtuoso when it comes to market experience and institutional knowledge. Dave is part genius, part entrepreneur, part nerd, part sales animal, part innovator, part financial mastermind, part trailblazer and part technology whiz. Yes, that’s a lot of parts.


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