Anette Søgaard Troelsen

Deputy Director, Property Valuation at Realkredit Danmark

Anette Søgaard Troelsen is the Deputy Director of Property Valuation at Realkredit Danmark. Anette has over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, having worked at Jyske Bank and Jutlander Bank prior to their current position. At Jyske Bank, they were the Functional Director, responsible for strategy execution, business development, interdisciplinary collaboration, and steering committees within CRM and digitalization. At Jutlander Bank, they were an assistant finansiel advisor specializing in customer portfolios, sales, and credit.

Anette Søgaard Troelsen has earned an MBA in both Leadership Psychology and Strategic Management from the Business Institute Denmark. Anette also has a 2008 Diploma in Leadership from Aarhus Business College, as well as a 1998 certification in State Autorised real estate agent and assessor from Aalborg Handelsskole. Back in 1993, they were an EU expat in Finance Wolfsburg.

Anette Søgaard Troelsen reports to Kamilla Hammerich Skytte, Managing Director. They work with Christian Rosenstand - Head, RD Funding, Dorthe Tolborg - Head, Group Internal Audit, and Klaus Kristiansen - Director.


  • Deputy Director, Property Valuation

    Current role

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