Robert Wagner

Chief Risk Officer (cro) at Realkredit Danmark

Robert Wagner has a diverse work experience spanning several industries. Robert has held various roles in the banking and financial sector, including positions at Realkredit Danmark and Danske Bank. Their most recent role was as the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at Realkredit Danmark. Robert has also served on the Board of Directors for both the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks and Danske Hypotek AB. Prior to their current positions, Robert held leadership roles at Danske Bank, where they were responsible for liquidity and capital risk management, financial steering, and group capital. Before joining Danske Bank, they worked in the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs as a Special Adviser and Head of Section for Financial Markets Regulation. Robert's earlier experience includes working as an external consultant at Copenhagen Economics and as a teaching assistant at Københavns Universitet. Robert began their career as a research assistant at Danmarks Nationalbank.

Robert Wagner attended the University of Copenhagen from 1998 to 2004, where they obtained a (Economics) degree and a Cand. polit. (Master's in Political Science).


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  • Chief Risk Officer (cro)

    August, 2023 - present