Danmarks Nationalbank


Danmarks Nationalbank is the central bank of the Kingdom of Denmark.





Org chart

Anne Hedensted Steffensen
Director General & CEO

Anne Hedensted Steffensen

Mmd Stine Mariendal
Chief Facilities Management Officer
Karina Harpsøe
Chief Financial Officer
Helle Munk Miltoft
Chief Internal Auditor/revisionschef, Intern Revision
Niels Kaas
Chief Cashier, Head Of Cash And Risk
Michal Chr. Nielsen
Chief Dealer, Monetary Policy Implementation And Government Debt
Julie Holm Simonsen
Head of Secretariat and Communications
Frank Nielsen
Head of Banking and Markets
Bolette Møller
Head of Cash Supply
Lone Mortensen
Head of Corporate Services
Bent Christiansen
Head of Statistics
Karsten Biltoft
Head of Financial Stability
Camilla Benedikte Riemer Penn
Head Of Secretariat And Communications (afdelingschef)
Charlotte Valdorf
Head Of IT Contract And Asset License Mangement
Steffen Andersen
Head Of Research
Carsten Andersen
Settlement Office And Capital Market Expert
Camilla Green
Executive Assistant To Head Of Research
Per Andersen
Senior Data Scientist
Karl Robak
Research Assistant
Stine Louise von Rüden
Research Economist Ph D
Thomas Krause
Research Economist
Renato Faccini
Chief Macroeconomic Advisor