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Reprise is re/creating digital marketing to finally work like it should.





Org chart

Jarrod Martin
Global CEO

Jarrod Martin

Margaret Kohler
Global CFO
Vincent Spruyt
Global Chief AI Officer
Michelle Crenshaw
Global Chief Talent Officer
Amar Deep Singh
CEO, Interactive Avenues India
Daniel Chapman
Global Chief Strategy Officer
Glen Conybeare
President, Reprise Commerce
Jason Cotrina-Vasquez
SVP, Global Head of Social
Lee Xin Chyr
Head of Media, Singapore
Raymond Dizon
Managing Director, Philippines
Hyunsuk Lee
Business Lead, South Korea
Parul Gautam
Head of Analytics, APAC
Caitlin Draper-Wheeler
Head of Experience, APAC
Sid Mehta
Head of Performance Media, APAC