Weber Shandwick


Weber Shandwick is a global public relations firm with offices in major media, business, and government capitals around the world.





Org chart

Gail Heimann

Laura Schoen
Chief Healthcare Officer, TWSC & Chair, LATAM
Chris Perry
Chair, Weber Shandwick Futures
Tyler Kim
CEO, Asia Pacific
Kate Bullinger
CEO, United Minds
Michael Frohlich
EMEA Chief Executive Officer & Chief Transformation Officer
Jim O'Leary
CEO, North America
Susan Howe
Joy Farber Kolo
Chief Brand Officer
Pam Jenkins
Chief Public Health Officer & Chief Public Affairs Officer
Jill Tannenbaum
Chief of Staff
Karen Pugliese
Chief Growth Officer
Tom Beckman
Global Chief Creative Officer
Judith Harrison
Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer
Paul Massey
President, Powell Tate & Global Lead, Social Impact
Chris Deri
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer & President, TWSC’s C-suite Advisory Business
Cameron Murray
Chief People Operations Officer Global
Helen Matthews
Chief People Officer EMEA
Molly Roenna
Chief People Officer North America
Susie Bates
Chief People Officer DEI Champion Asia Pacific
Charlotte Witte
Chief Client Growth Officer EMEA
Lance Morgan
Chief Communications Strategist
Lisa Travatello
Chief Creative Officer EVP Consumer Marketing
Oleksandr Bilyi
Chief Marketing Officer
Vanessa Ho Nikolovski
Chief Client And Growth Officer Asia Pacific
Brendan Keenan Acma Cgma
Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President
Joe Danek
CFO Americas
Manosh Mukherjee
Chief Financial Officer Executive Director
Mark Sullivan
Regional CFO
Mukherjee (NDH-CMG)
Chief Financial Officer
Oscar Koeke
Chief Financial Officer
Suzanne. Gilson
UK Group Chief Financial Officer At Weber Shandwick
Lisa Pérez Fournier
Chief Editor Officer
Christopher Ferguson
Chief Creative Officer South
Jim Paul
Chief Creative Officer Central Region
Louis Massaia
Chief Creative Officer North America Healthcare
Lee Noonan
Chief Technology Officer
Sara Gavin
Chief Client Officer
Erik M.
Managing Director Head Of Digital Health UK
Chris Miller
Managing Director Design
Chris Broderick
Executive Vice President
Ted Davis
Executive Vice President
Gavin Sutton
Vice President Of Learning And Development EMEA
Amanda Álvarez
Chief Of Staff NOIR Business Resource Group
Adam Wall
Chief Integrated Operations Officer North America
Gen Kobayashi
Chief Strategy Officer EMEA
Robyn Adelson
Chief Strategy Officer North America
Nick Goodwin
Executive Vice President
Jennifer Zarrillo
EVP Integrated Content Production
Richard Ratcliffe
Associate Director Content And Creative
Ala Hamamreh
Content Manager
Salam al Aqel
Content Manager