Republican National Committee


Republican National Committee (GOP) began in a little schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin, in 1854. A small group of dedicated abolitionists gathered to fight the expansion of slavery, and they gave birth to a Party dedicated to freedom and equal opportunity. The name “Republican” was chosen, alluding t... Read more







Org chart

Ronna McDaniel

Ronna McDaniel

Cameron Sadler
Director Of Operations And Special Projects For The Chief Of Staff
Abbey Daugherty
Northeast And PAC Finance Director
Adrienne Gamez
South Finance Director
Alexandra Barnhill
Finance Data Director
Allie Beth C.
South Deputy Finance Director
Caroline Farr
Midwest Finance Director
Jim Rowley
Deputy Finance Director Direct Marketing
Jim Staines
Finance Data Deputy Director
Julianna Dinsmore
South Deputy Finance Director
Taylor Binkley
Regional Finance Director
Taylor Lioce
Finance Director
Tessa Berner
Director Of Finance Data
Matthew Middleton
Research Director
Dirk Eyman
Chief Infrastructure Officer
Puran Nebhnani
Chief Technology Officer
Tyler Church
Deputy Chief Data Officer
Camilo Ulloa
Engagement Director
Cecilia S. Johnson
Director Of Black Engagement
Gene Prezocki
Creative Director/chief Copywriter
Sophie Ward
Finance Deputy
Garrett Zahner
Coordinator Of Special Projects - Office Of The Chief Counsel
Grant B.
Law Clerk
Zachary C. Walz
Director Of Special Projects (counsel's Office)
Steve Kenny
Senior Counsel