Robinhood was founded in 2013 with a mission to make the financial markets more inclusive. Most importantly, they wanted to make sure that regardless of your wealth, income, or background, an individual could feel empowered to be a long-term investor. Robinhood's mobile technology helps to alleviat... Read more






Org chart

Vlad Tenev
Co-Founder & CEO

Vlad Tenev

Daniel Gallagher
Chief Legal Compliance and Corporate Affairs Officer
Steve Quirk
Chief Brokerage Officer
Jim Swartwout
President, Robinhood Securities and Robinhood Financial
Scot Galvin
Chief Operating Officer, Robinhood Securities
Connie Schan
Vice President, People
Michael Goodbody
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Jb Mackenzie
Vice President & General Manager, Futures & International
Mayank Agarwal
VP Of Engineering
Oren Naim
VP & GM, Trust & Safety
Andy Montgomery
VP, Design & Creative
Dheerja Kaur
Senior Director, Core Product
Siddharth Batra
Senior Director, Credit Cards

Behind the scenes


First-Principles Thinking

We make bold bets and challenge the status quo. Our foundation is in art, science, and pure mathematics, and we have a deep appreciation for the scientific process.

Radical Customer Focus

We exist to make our customers happy. From the early days of Robinhood, we have prioritized getting direct customer feedback on what we were building.

Participation is Power

We aim to give everyone access to the financial system, regardless of their background or bank account balance. We reflect the world around us, and we elevate and embrace all voices so everyone feels at home at Robinhood.

Safety First

Robinhood is a safety-first company. The reliability of our platform takes precedence over all else, so that we can be there for our customers when they need us the most.