The Carlyle Group


The Carlyle Group is an American multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services corporation.





Org chart

Harvey M. Schwartz

Peter J. Clarke
Chief Investment Officer, Corporate Private Equity & Chairman of Americas Private Equity
Christopher Finn
Chief Operating Officer
Catherine Ziobro
Chief Compliance Officer
Jeff Bronaugh
Chief Technology Officer
Bruce Larson
Chief Human Resources Officer
Reginald Van Lee
Chief Transformation Officer
John C. Redett
CFO & Head of Corporate Strategy
Heather Mitchell
Chief Risk Officer & Head of EMEA
Erica Herberg
Chief Financial Officer of AlpInvest Partners
Jason Avdenko
Chief Compliance Officer, Carlyle Aviation Partners
Lúcia Soares
Chief Information Officer & Head, Technology Transformation
Jeffrey W. Ferguson
General Counsel
Stephen W. Bailey
MD & Partner
Eric Anton
Principal, Global Investment Solutions
Macky Tall
Chair of Global Infrastructure
Gregor Boehm
Chairman, Europe Private Equity
James Stavridis
Vice Chair, Global Affairs & MD
Emily Bernstein
VP, Consumer, Media & Retail
Tyler Appel
VP, U.S. Real Estate
Romain Azoulai
Vice President
Rutger Baauw
Vice President
Andrew Bond
Vice President
Michael Aji
Vice President
Alix Borch
Vice President
Michael Allison
Managing Director
Jamie Adams
Managing Director
Omar Akbar
Managing Director
Dayne Baird
Managing Director
Wesley Bieligk
Managing Director
Jeremy W. Anderson
CFO, Global Private Equity
Anita Balaji
Managing Director
Vipul H. Amin
Managing Director
Mark Jenkins
Head, Global Credit
Brian Lindley
Global Head, Capital Markets
Megan Starr
Global Head, Impact
Colin Atkins
Co-Head, Liquid Credit & Head, European Structured Credit
Jason Thomas
Head, Global Research & Investment Strategy
Sandra Horbach
Co-Head, Americas Corporate Private Equity
Brian A. Bernasek
Co-Head, Americas Corporate Private Equity
Robert Rosen
CFO, Americas Corporate Private Equity
Brian Schreiber
Head, Carlyle Insurance Solutions
Brittany Berliner
US Head, Corporate Communications
Alejandro Balsera
Associate Director
Vincent Aubert
Vice President
David Zwiener
Operating Executive
Pete Bridgman
Operating Executive
Shane Clifford
Head, Private Wealth Strategy
Lloyd Howell
Operating Executive
Jim Prutow
Operating Executive
Alan Middleton
Operating Executive
Adrien Pinsard
Operating Executive
Charles Andrews
Chief Accounting Officer
Daniel Harris
Head, Public Investor Relations
David S. McCann
Global Head, Investor Relations