Rocky Brands


At Rocky Brands, Inc., they design, develop, manufacture and market premium quality footwear and apparel. They are focused on growing their brands through product innovation, targeted sponsorships and social interaction with their consumers. They market compelling brands with innovative product line... Read more





Jason S. Brooks
President & CEO

Jason S. Brooks

Byron Wortham
President, Core Brand Sales, Marketing & P.D.
David P. Dixon
President, Manufacturing/Sourcing Operations
Richard Simms
President, Operations
Wortham Byron
SR VP Sales, Marketing, And Product Development
Tom Robertson
Chief Operating Officer
Heather Fisk
Director Creative Services
Joshua Thomas
SVP Of Information Technology
Amy Williams
Vice President, Global Customer Experience
Sarah Milligan
Project Portfolio And Strategy Manager
Kyle Sammons
Manager Key Accounts
Bryan Riffle
Deductions Team Lead
Chris Knollenberg
Key Account Manager / Muck & Xtratuf
David Spencer
Senior Accounts Manager
Nima Farahmand
Account Manager -bc
Julie Zoellner
Corporate Controller
Ana Laura Perez Gonzalez
Customer Financial Services Ll
Bonnie Dooley
Manufacturing Controller
Isaac Dunn
Customer Financial Services
Jordyn Orr
Senior Accountant
Judy Clum
Staff Accountant
Kelly Leon
Accounts Payable Clerk
Lauren Harpold
Senior Accountant
Lisa Carter
Staff Accountant
Regan Salvator
Senior Cost Accountant
Saralee Brooks
Key Account Support Rep
Tammy McNally
Customer Financial Services Representative 1