Root Capital


Root Capital is a nonprofit organization operating in poor rural areas of Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.





Org chart

Willy Foote
Founder & CEO

Willy Foote

Frances Reid
President & COO
Bryan Woliner
Chief Financial Officer
Darcy Salinger
Chief Credit Officer
Alexandra Tuinstra
Chief Strategy Officer, Central America & Mexico
Gina Trieste
Chief People Officer
Scott Mcdonald
Chief External Affairs Officer
Villarruel Larre
Chief Human Resources Officer, United States
Alice Decker Burke
General Counsel, United States
Marli Porth
Chief of Staff
Juan Pablo Morales
Deputy General Counsel, Central America & Mexico
David Sajabi
Deputy Head of Lending, Africa-Sub-Saharan Africa
Maureen McGregor
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, United States
Julia Diegel
Senior Director, Supporter Engagement, United States
Virginia Dotson
Senior Director of Information Technology, United States
Emily Nichols
Senior Director, Institutional Philanthropy & Partnerships, United States
Leonor Gutiérrez
Director, Women in Agriculture Initiative
Juan Taborda Burgos
Director, Impact Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning MEL, United States
William Portilla
Senior Director, Risk Management in Risk Management, Central America & Mexico
Janine Pacheco Garay
Deputy Project Manager, Central America & Mexico
José Manuel Lora
Collections Officer
Weimar Torres Sanchez
Counterparty Risk Officer, Central America & Mexico
Arya Samuelson
Senior Grant Writer, United States
Karina Bernal Huerta
Salesforce Administrator, United States
Manuel Aguirre Gutierrez
BMA Coordinator SAM-South America
Hannah Clarke
External Affairs Coordinator, United States
Alexis Stuhldreher Cavallaro
Technical Coordinator, Digital Business Intelligence
Wolfgang Werner
Global ACRA Coordinator, Central America & Mexico
Heber Zelaya
Human Resources Associate, United States
Jael Okello
Human Resources Associate, Africa-Sub-Saharan Africa
Simeon Atha
Junior Client Operations Analyst, United States
Stella Njuguna
Junior Advisory Associate, Sub-Saharan Africa
Melissa Delgado
Junior Advisory Associate
Mariah Rose
Senior Digital Marketing Associate, United States
Angélica Ramírez Pineda
DBI Tech & Cultivar Data Platform Specialist, Central America & Mexico
Carrie Abend
Senior Business Analyst, United States
Javier Moraga
Jr. Systems Administrator, Global Central America & Mexico
Kyle Sweeney
Senior Climate Analyst
Caroline Sikes
Portfolio Risk Analyst
Rose Otieno Ochieng
Gender Equity Advisory Service Coordinator, AFR, Sub-Saharan Africa
Gerardo Adolfo Reategui Schrader
Credit Analyst, South America
Yineth Flores Barboza
Administrative Assistant, Central America & Mexico
Diana Llacsahuanga Carrasco
Coordinador IND SAM, South America
James Reggio
IT Systems Administrator, United States
Ivannia Cortés
Strategy Operations Associate, Central America & Mexico
Daniela Andrea Arenas Rios
Human Resources Associate, SAM
David Santos
Credit Analyst, Sub-Saharan Africa
Fernando Diaz
Risk Officer, South America
Benard Kimathi
Risk Officer, Africa & Indonesia & Sub-Saharan Africa
Caroline Koech
Business Development Officer, Sub-Saharan Africa
Nene Diouf
Senior Officer, Credit Administration Global, United States
Oscar Badilla
Senior Human Resources Associate for Mexico & Central America
Milan Baez
Credit Analyst, Central America & Mexico
Cristhian Guapacha
Credit Analyst, South America
Tedd Yugi
Accounting Associate, Sub-Saharan Africa
Esteban Salas Espinoza
Credit Analyst, Central America & Mexico
Iska Nyunja
IT Support Associate, Sub-Saharan Africa
Chanelle Jaquez
Administrative Assistant, United States
Andrés Hidalgo Espinoza
Global Advisory Associate, Central America & Mexico
Erin Maxwell
Philanthropic Research Associate, United States
Kat Aguilar
Global Learning & Development Specialist, Central America & Mexico
Jessica Guzman
Risk Analyst, South America
Ale Espinoza
Administrative Assistant, Central America & Mexico
Timothy Ngige
Business Management Advisory Coordinator, Africa - Sub-Saharan Africa