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Joseph Abraham
Founder and CEO
Benjamin Mathew
Cofounder and Executive Editor



We believe in the human element. We believe in listening – listening to others’ ideas, stories, perspectives while building our convictions. We believe in listening and learning about the changing world.

First Principles

We believe that the first principles is the baseline for learning and growth. First-principles allow us to crush complexity to get to the elementary building blocks. Mastering these blocks builds a strong foundation for success.


Boldness, audacity, grit, spirit At SaaS Industry, there’s a space for positive disruption and change, whether that’s following a story or using technology for better reach. We always look for the chance to do things with courage that results in a better world.


Cognizance. Simplicity. Directness. Intelligence We believe in helping founders and leaders gain a more in-depth perspective that’s smart, straightforward, and actionable leading to growth outcomes.