Carol Ferrari

VP, Product Marketing at

Carol Ferrari is currently the VP of Product Marketing at Carol has previous experience as the Director of Marketing and Operations at Argosight, and the Director of Product Marketing at PlumChoice. Carol has also been a Vice President for both Marketing, Product and Customer Success at Intronis, as well as Vice President of Product Marketing at Throughout their various positions, Carol has excelled in writing compelling content, launching new services, and efficiently scaling recruiting and new hire onboarding processes. Carol has also developed a key understanding of customer personas and why they buy, which has allowed their to create programs and content that attract customers.

Carol Ferrari has a BS in Engineering/Business from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA in Marketing/Business from Illinois Institute of Technology. Carol also has a certification from Avature as a Certified Avature Specialist.

They are on a team with Theodore Les - CFO, Tricia Mulkeen - VP, Survey & Data Operations, and Lenna Turner - Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion/Compensation Consultant. Carol Ferrari reports to Kent Plunkett, Founder & CEO.



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