Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence is a coeducational liberal arts college, offering undergraduate as well as graduate degrees. Located just north of New York City on a wooded campus, the College is nationally renowned for its rigorous academic and creative standards. These are fostered by small seminar classes and ind... Read more




Org chart

Danielle Coscia
VP for HR & Organizational Development
Patty Goldman
VP for Advancement & External Affairs
Kevin Mckenna
VP for Enrollment & Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Ifeoma Kiddoe Nwankwo
VP of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Robert Kenny
Interim VP of Finance & Operations
Alison Schlesinger
VP, New Education Ventures
Jody Spooner
Interim Dean of Studies & Student Life
Pauline Mulcahy
Academic Support Coordinator
Tim Kail
Access Services Assistant, Main Library
Geoffrey Danisher
Access Services Librarian & Head of Interlibrary Loan
Danielle Wright
Access Services Supervisor, Main Library
William Catanzaro
Accompanist & Music Consultant, Dance Graduate Program
Zara Brown
Administrative Assistant, Human Genetics Graduate Program
Martine Alexander
Administrative Assistant, Global Education
Melissa Mccarter
Administrative Assistant, Registrar's Office
Barbara Michael
Alumni Relations Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Daniel Drury
Aquatics Director & Swim Coach, Physical Education & Athletics
Norma Pamm
Assistant Controller, Controller's Office
Dorothee Ahrens
Director of Institutional & Major Gifts Stewardship, Advancement
Elisa Balestra
Senior Director, Principal Gifts, Advancement
Emily Barry
Associate Director, Student & Recent Alumni Engagement, Annual Giving, Advancement
Sharon Beasley
Associate Director, Annual Giving, Advancement
Nicole Bedoya
Associate Director, Leadership Annual Giving, Advancement
Heather Byron-Cox
Associate Director, Research, Advancement
Christina Camardella
Senior Director, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving, Advancement
Gary Carskaddan
Senior Director, Philanthropy & Planned Gifts, Advancement
Barbara Donnelly
Associate Director, Annual Funds, Advancement
Fred Feddeck
Director, Advancement Operations & Data Analytics, Advancement
Isabelle Gonzalez
Associate Director, Advancement Operations, Advancement
Liselotte Keogh
Research Associate, Advancement
James O'brien
Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations, Advancement
Patrice Panza
AVP, Philanthropy, Advancement
Dylan Pyne
Associate Director, Philanthropy, Advancement
Armando Quiroz
Senior Associate Director, Advancement Operations & Data Analytics, Advancement
Susan Smith
Executive Assistant & Office Coordinator, Advancement
Cheryl Cipro
Director, Alumni Relations Regional & Special Programs, Alumni Relations
Madeline Goldfischer
Assistant Director, Regional Alumni Chapters, Alumni Relations
Georganna Poindexter
Manager, Alumni Networking & Affinity Programs, Alumni Relations
Christina Kasman
College Archivist, Archives, Main Library
Jerusha Beckerman
Interim Director, Art of Teaching Program
Brian Muir
Director, Audio & Visual
Steven Detone
Manager, Audio & Visual
Daniel Rivera
Auxiliary Services Coordinator, Auxiliary Services
Richard Young
Auxiliary Services Coordinator, Auxiliary Services
Jim Verdicchio
Director, Campus Safety
Matthew Brewster
Associate Director, Campus Safety
Kevin Brennan
Associate Director, Campus Safety
Angela Cherubini
Director, Career Services
Katherine Corsillo
Associate Director, Internship Program, Career Services
Anne Marie Damiani
Associate Director, Career Development, Career Services
Jennifer M. Perez
Associate Director, Employer Relations, Career Services
Ryan Palmer
Director, Center for the Urban River at Beczak
Christina Edsall
Director, Education, Center for the Urban River at Beczak
Kathalene Lamboy
Environmental Education & Science Coordinator, Center for the Urban River at Beczak
Jason Muller
Outreach Coordinator, Center for the Urban River at Beczak
Patricia Hanley
Interim Director, Child Development Program & Director, Child Development Institute
Rachel Ford
Coordinator & Administrative Assistant, Child Development Institute
Paula Brunson
Senior Campus Operations Coordinator, CCSE
Christina Fernandes
Director, Special Events, CCSE
Emily Goucher
Web Services Advocate, CCSE
Valerie Romanello
Interim Director, Student Involvement, CCSE
Khanh Tran
Associate Director, Information Technology, CCSE
Nelson A. Rodriguez
Director, Office of Community Partnerships & Engagement
Brent Parker
AVP & Controller, Controller's Office
Elizabeth Commisso
Manager, Accounts Payable
John Jasperse
Director, Dance Program
Zack Lobel
Production Manager, Dance Program
Jerome Morris
Accompanist, Dance Program
Amy Page
Costumer, Dance Program
Elise Risher
Director, Dance & Movement Therapy Program
Elizabeth Streeter
Coordinator, Dance MFA Program, Dance & Movement Therapy Program
Beverly Fox
Senior Associate Dean of Studies
Rachelle Sussman Rumph
Associate Dean of Studies
Dan Chan
Director, Access & Disability Services
Melinda Cohen
Associate Dean, Pre-Professional Advising
Shirley Be
Assistant Dean, Studies & Director, International Admission & Advising
Amada Sandoval
Dean, Engagement, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Donna Watson
Senior Executive Assistant, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office
Lorayne Carbon
Director, Early Childhood Center
Jan Drucker
Consultant, Early Childhood Center
Robbin Hawkins
Lead Teacher
Sarah Mathews
Lead Teacher
Cassandra Santos
Lead Teacher
Maureen Gallagher
AVP, Campus Operations & Facilities
Anthony Ricci
Director, Facilities
Suzann De La Pena
Senior Finance & Accounting Specialist, Finance
Nicholas Salinas
Director,. Financial Aid
Christopher Sandoval
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Mary Anita Gambke
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Annette Nelson
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Beverly Roach-Esprit
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Andrew Peritz
Financial Aid Counselor
Michael Pierro
Director, Food Services
Cathy Knies
Catering Director, Food Services
Jordan Luchini
Executive Chef, Food Services
Grace Perez
Director, Residential Dining, Food Services
David Sanchez
Retail Director, Food Services
Prema Samuel
Associate Dean, International Programs
Christopher Olson
Assistant Director, International Program Recruitment
Yoshimi Arai
Language Assistant, Japanese
Sachiko Araki
Language Assistant, Japanese
Jose Antonio Diaz
Language Assistant, Spanish
Natalia Dizenko
Language Assistant, Russian
Sonia Hu
Language Assistant, Chinese
Nike Mizelle
Language Assistant, German
Maria Schiavetta
Language Assistant, Italian
Denise Pugh
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Kim Ferguson
Dean, Graduate & Professional Studies
Jamie Jordan
Assistant Director, Community Engagement & Lifelong Learning
Joan McCann
Director, Administration
Bridget Bohannon
Director, Health Advocacy Program
Claire Davis
Co-Director, Human Genetics Program
Caden Manson
Director, Theatre Program
Lindsey Alico
Co-Director, Human Genetics Program
Mary Hartnett
Director, Medical Services, Health & Wellness Center
Cary Bosak
Director, Counseling & Psychological Services, Health & Wellness Center
Nancy Brennan
Clinical Case Manager, Health & Wellness Center
Molly Rivera
Health Compliance Administrator, Health & Wellness Center
Cynthia Schaffler
Nurse Practitioner, Health & Wellness Center
Irene Fields
Nurse Practitioner, Health & Wellness Center
Sheryl Last
Nurse, Health & Wellness Center
Allan Flaggman
Psychiatrist, Health & Wellness Center
Ayesha Nagra
Psychologist, Health & Wellness Center
Janine Ryan
Manager, Visual Arts Services & Gallery, Heimbold Visual Arts Center
Brian Emery
Technical Director, Filmmaking, Heimbold Visual Arts Center
Amy Gartrell
Technician, Printmaking, Heimbold Visual Arts Center
Colin Montgomery
Technician, Photography, Heimbold Visual Arts Center
Francis Louvis
Technician, Sculpture, Heimbold Visual Arts Center
Katie Gallagher
Assistant Program Director, Human Genetics Program
Carmelina Ferrito
Associate Director, Human Resources
Imelda Pleitez-Santana
Assistant Director, Human Resources
Luis Urias
Payroll Manager, Human Resources
Candace Brutus
Payroll Coordinator, Human Resources
Mustafa Sakarya
Director, Main Library
Claudia Berger
Digital Humanities Librarian, Main Library
Julie Dougherty
Technical Services Assistant, Main Library
Angelica Freitas
Continuing Resources & Course Reserves Librarian, Main Library
Salem Hunter
Evening Access Services Assistant, Main Library
Emily Johnson
Research & Instruction Librarian, Main Library
Rachel Leff
Research & Instruction Librarian & Head of Research Services, Main Library
Marcie Gandell
Digital Content Specialist
Nicholas Gray
Creative Director
Quyen Dac Nguyen
Graphic Designer
Patricia Pasquale
AVP, Marketing & Communications
Falguni Smith
Director, Communications
Evan Ray Suzuki
Senior Coordinator, Creative Services
Robert Weber
Print & Direct Mail Manager
Joan Rudd
Coordinator, Music Program
Jennifer Melendez
Director, Campus Operations
Adrienne Graham
Campus Operations Coordinator
Nyasha Henry
Campus Operations Coordinator
Kristin Maile
Director, Intercollegiate Athletics, Physical Education & Recreation
Christopher Ehmer
Associate Fitness Director & Men's Basketball Coach
Sovanny Kon Ebbesen
Operations Coordinator & Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
Erin Gunther
Fitness Coordinator
Thomas Blum
AVP, Institutional Research & Government Relations
Megan Thomson Connor
Executive Assistant to the President
Kanwal Singh
Provost & Dean, Faculty
Lyde Sizer
Associate Dean of the College
Jimarzarette Estevez
Director, Curricular Services & Special Assistant to the Provost
Kristy Hartman
Director, Faculty Affairs
Marion Scimeca
Associate Registrar
Eric Rivera
Associate Director, Residential Life
Lavanya Misra
Coordinator, Biology
Shyla Smith
Special Events Coordinator
Villin Cruz
Director, Student Accounts
Charlotte Stephenson
Assistant Director, Student Accounts
Danielle Lembo
Student Accounts Coordinator
Tim Cryan
Lighting Supervisor, Theatre Graduate Program
Heather Drastal
Production Manager, Theatre Graduate Program
Graeme Gillis
Downstage Manager, Theatre Graduate Program
Robert Gould
Technical Supervisor, Theatre Graduate Program
Allen Lang
Director, Theatre Outreach, Theatre Graduate Program
Tom Mandel
Musical Director, Theatre Graduate Program
Glenn Potter-Takata
Media Supervisor, Theatre Graduate Program
Liz Prince
Costume Shop Supervisor, Theatre Graduate Program
Lauren Reinhard
Program Manager, Theatre Graduate Program
Susan Sears
Associate Producer, Theatre Graduate Program
Lake Simons
Puppet Shop Manager, Theatre Graduate Program
Kristin Collado
Title IX Coordinator
Elizabeth Benedict
Senior Assistant Director, Admission
Marie Nocella
Associate Director, Admission
Jennifer Gayles
Director, Admission
Liam George
Associate Director, Admission
Seth Katz
Assistant Director, Admission
Deborah Mccue
Director, Enrollment Operations & Systems
Lena Adelay
Senior Associate Director, International Admission
Cecilia Tierney
Office Manager
Felicia Allen
Daytime Operator
Madeleine Mori
Assistant Director
Courtney Gillette
Director, Writing Institute
Ava Robinson
Assistant Director
Winston Churchill-Joell
Director, Digital Services
Debra Riessen
Lead Teacher
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