Castalia Moloi

Senior Vice President: Legal, Intellectual Property & Compliance Law at Sasol

Castalia Moloi has a diverse and extensive work experience, primarily in the legal field. Castalia started their career as a Lecturer and Executive Assistant at North West University in 2001, before moving to Fairbridges Attorneys as a Director in the Litigation Department and Candidate Attorney. Castalia then joined Sasol as a Legal Advisor in 2006 and later transitioned to Total Coal South Africa as a Legal Advisor from 2010 to 2012.

In 2012, Castalia rejoined Sasol and held various leadership positions within the legal department. Castalia served as the General Manager of Secunda Legal Services, providing comprehensive legal counsel to the petrochemical, electricity, and mining industries. Castalia then became the Vice President of Legal for Mining and SA Operations, overseeing legal undertakings and ensuring adherence to legislation. Castalia later became the Vice President of Legal for Chemicals, where they provided legal support for various departments. In their most recent role at Sasol, they serve as the Senior Vice President of Legal, Intellectual Property & Compliance Law, overseeing global legal, compliance, and ethics teams.

Throughout their career, Castalia has demonstrated strategic vision, leadership, and expertise in providing legal advisory services and managing legal teams.

Castalia Moloi (nee Dikotsi) has a significant educational background. Castalia obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Law from North-West University / Noordwes-Universiteit in 1998. Castalia further pursued their studies at the same institution and completed a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2000. Moloi then specialized in Import & Export Law, completing a Master of Laws degree from North-West University / Noordwes-Universiteit in 2002. In 2010, they continued their education by obtaining a Master of Laws in Regulatory Law from the University of the Witwatersrand. Moreover, Moloi holds several certifications, including Women In Leadership from GIBS Business School (Gordon Institute of Business Science) in 2017 and an Ethics Officer Certification Programme from EthicsSA in 2011. Castalia has extensive knowledge in various fields, evident from their additional certifications.



  • Senior Vice President: Legal, Intellectual Property & Compliance Law

    October, 2020 - present

  • Vice President: Legal, Chemicals

    July, 2017

  • Vice President: Legal, Mining & SA Operations

    July, 2014

  • General Manager: Secunda Legal Services

    November, 2012

  • Legal Advisor

    January, 2006

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