Anthony Morales

Customer Success Manager at SCADAfence

Anthony Morales has over 15 years of work experience in the technology industry. Anthony is currently a Customer Success Manager at SCADAfence, a leading cybersecurity company specializing in OT and IoT networks. In this role, Anthony is responsible for providing advanced security solutions for complex OT networks.

Prior to their current role, Anthony served as a Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Bizzabo, a fast-growing event technology company. Anthony was responsible for managing and maximizing the success of enterprise clients, using Bizzabo's holistic event cloud.

Before their time at Bizzabo, Anthony worked as a Customer Success Engineer at CTERA Networks, where they provided technical support and assistance to customers. Anthony also served as a Customer Success Manager at Radware, a global leader in cybersecurity, where they handled the entire lifecycle of the customer, including onboarding, training, support, and identifying business opportunities.

In addition, Anthony has experience as a Technical Account Manager at Panaya, where they acted as the customer's main point of contact for all technical aspects. Anthony provided ongoing value and support throughout the customer's journey, including onboarding and implementation.

Before their time at Panaya, Anthony held multiple roles at Data Shepherd, a provider of cloud services. Anthony was a Strategic Account Manager, building and maintaining partnerships with IT companies and performing pre and post-sale activities. Anthony also served as a Regional Sales Manager, responsible for managing accounts and overseeing the sales and customer success teams.

Earlier in their career, Anthony worked as a Senior System Engineer at Direct-Com, a global IT services provider, where they focused on building and maintaining cloud services infrastructure. Anthony also founded their own IT services company, Tech N Tune, specializing in serving small and medium-sized companies in the Phoenix area.

Overall, Anthony Morales has a strong background in customer success and technical account management, with a focus on cybersecurity, event technology, and cloud services.

Anthony Morales studied at DeVry University from 2001 to 2004, where they obtained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications. In addition to their degree, they have also acquired certifications in the field of customer success management. In March 2020, they received the "Certified Customer Success Manager (CCSM)" designation from SuccessHACKER, and also obtained the "Certified Customer Success Manager" certification from ACCREDIBLE LTD in the same month and year.


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  • Customer Success Manager

    August, 2022 - present