The Bank of Nova Scotia, operating as Scotiabank, is a Canadian multinational bank.



Toronto, Canada




Org chart

Brian J. Porter
President & CEO
James Neate
President & Group Head, Corporate & Investment Banking
Gillian Riley
EVP, President & CEO, Tangerine
Jake Lawrence
CEO & Group Head, Global Banking & Markets
Raj Viswanathan
Group Head & CFO
Shawn Rose
Barbara Mason
Chief Human Resources Officer
Nicole Frew
EVP, Chief Compliance Officer
Phil Thomas
Chief Risk Officer
Paul Baroni
EVP, Chief Auditor
Ian Arellano
EVP, General Counsel
Dan Rees
Group Head, Canadian Banking
Michael Zerbs
Group Head, Technology & Operations
Glen Gowland
Group Head, Global Wealth Management
Ignacio Deschamps
Group Head, International Banking & Digital Transformation
Adrián Otero Rosiles
EVP & Country Head, Mexico
Diego Masola
EVP & Country Head, Chile
Francisco Sardón de Taboada
EVP & Country Head, Peru
Alex Besharat
EVP, Canadian Wealth Management
Anya M. Schnoor
EVP, Caribbean, Central America & Uruguay
John Doig
EVP, Retail Distribution
Stuart Davis
EVP, Financial Crimes Risk Management & Group Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer
Anique Asher
EVP, Finance & Strategy
Stephen Bagnarol
EVP, Canadian Business Banking
Martin Weeks
EVP & Group Treasurer