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Jeff Beachy is an R&D architect and design engineer whose work in hardware and software technology has spanned computer graphics, engineering workstations, PC servers, supercomputers, and the cloud. In 2014, Beachy co-founded SDVI, a company dedicated to bringing supply chain thinking and modern technical approaches to media. As CTO, he has led strategic architecture and technology, operations, and security for the Rally™ Media Supply Chain Management Platform, which leverages key cloud-based IT-driven technologies, starting with a collection of scalable and agile microservices for resource management and orchestration. Rally was awarded a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award in 2020.

Throughout his career, Beachy has taken on strategic architectural, technological planning, and architectural and technical leadership throughout the lifecycle of critical enterprise-scale technologies. Beachy’s background includes a focus on computer architecture and design at Tektronix and Intel, as well as system architecture and hardware design for media server and storage startup Omneon on its Spectrum media servers and the wider Omneon product line through 2014.


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