Troels Schonfeldt

Co-founder & CEO at Seaborg Technologies

Troels initiated his career as a particle physicist at CERN (CH), the Niels Bohr Institute (DK), European Spallation Source (SE) and DTU (DK). He is a radical-pragmatist, who unintentionally became an impact entrepreneur and CEO when he co-founded Seaborg in 2014.

The Danish start-up Seaborg Technologies develops a fundamentally new type of nuclear reactor – a Molten Salt Reactor – a reactor type not plagued by the issues typically associated with existing nuclear power. These reactors cannot be weaponized; they can convert long-lived nuclear waste into energy, and they cannot result in nuclear disasters. Seaborg’s mission is to deliver a scalable, cheaper-than-coal, dispatchable power source by 2025 and replace the currently projected new-build coal plans in Southeast Asia with 7500 emission-free nuclear reactors.



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