Raphael Nahun Gentil

Lead Graphic Designer at Sedna

Raphael Nahun Gentil has extensive experience in the field of graphic design and art direction. Raphael has worked in various roles and companies throughout their career. Raphael started their career at Basee and Grafikonstruct as a designer before joining Garage Interactive Marketing as an art director. Raphael then worked at Busk as a visual designer, where they contributed to creating UI elements and collaborating with the development team. After that, they joined Wunderman as a senior art director, where they worked with clients such as Telefonica Vivo, Cielo, Honda, Natura, and Volkswagen. Raphael also had freelance experience, working with agencies like Fbiz Wpp, Sapient Nitro, Flag.cx, Leo Burnett Tailor Made, and Wunderman. During this time, they developed visual concepts for brands such as Netshoes, Telefonica Vivo, Carrefour, and TED. Raphael later returned to Wunderman as a senior interactive art director, working on important pitch processes for clients. Raphael then joined Stereo as a senior designer before becoming self-employed as an art director and visual designer. Currently, they hold the position of Lead Graphic Designer at SEDNA.

Raphael Nahun Gentil completed their Bachelor of Arts degree in Art, Visual arts, and Education at Fainc from 2002 to 2006.



  • Lead Graphic Designer

    November, 2020 - present