Campus and wellness Manager at Seedstars

NJI MABIH has a diverse work experience spanning multiple industries and roles. They began their career in 2012 as a Policy Coordinator with the Focolare Movement. From 2016 to 2018, they worked as a Policy and Human Resource Coordinator with Economy of Communion - Asia Pacific, focusing on start-up projects and refugee support. In the same period, they also served as the Academic Administrator at the Catholic University Institute of Buea, where they lectured in law and oversaw the Human Resource Department.

In 2018, NJI MABIH transitioned to the non-profit sector, becoming the Lead Project Coordinator at New Humanity International NGO. They worked on various initiatives, including coordinating networks for refugees and child welfare and presenting a dossier on social policy and child welfare to national and international organizations.

In 2019, NJI MABIH took on the role of Project Manager at the Central Texas Food Bank, regulating physical, social, and emotional needs while assisting in reanimation programs. Simultaneously, they joined Amazon as a Communication Director, providing expertise on the African region and nurturing international relations and startup programs between Amazon USA and Amazon Africa.

In 2020, NJI MABIH became a Senior Project Coordinator at Together For A new Africa, and in 2023, they joined Seedstars as a Campus and Wellness Manager, responsible for the well-being and protection of students.

Throughout their career, NJI MABIH has demonstrated a commitment to project coordination, networking, and promoting welfare and social policy.

NJI MABIH's education history includes a range of degrees and certifications. They obtained a Master's degree in Political Science and a culture of communion from Sophia University Institute (2011-2013). They also earned a Master's degree in Political Studies and a culture of Unity from Instituito Universitario Sophia (2011-2013). Prior to that, NJI MABIH completed a Bachelor's degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Dschang (2005-2010).

In terms of additional certifications, NJI MABIH has obtained several. These include a certification in Save The Child from the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (obtained year not specified). They also earned the SAFEGUARDING ESSENTIALS certification from the same institution in October 2019. NJI MABIH is an Ambassador of Peace certified by UNESCO since August 2019. Other certifications include Economy of Communion from EdiC Spa - Polo Lionello Bonfanti (obtained in February 2017), Economy of Communion from the Catholic University Institute of Buea (obtained in May 2016), and Economy of Communion and Peace from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (obtained in February 2015).


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