Douglas Sellers

Executive Creative Director at Siegel+Gale

Douglas Sellers is the Executive Creative Director at Siegel+Gale. Douglas has over twenty years of experience in the industry, having served as a Creative Director and Executive Creative Director at various companies. Their notable clients include HP, Aetna, the Y, Cooper Vision, CBS, Music Choice, SWRV, Rave, Time Warner Cable, United States Mint, HNTB, Pheonix House, Legal Aid Society, Turnaround for Children, LexisNexis, Quest Diagnostics, Terex, and John Jay.

Douglas Sellers attended a masters program in graphic design, semiotics, typography, color, letterform design, drawing, and photography at the Schule für Gestaltung Basel. Douglas also holds a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication / Graphic Design from The University of Kansas.

Steffanie Haase - Group Director, Creative Services, Scott Buschkuhl - Creative Director, and Matthias Mencke - Group Creative Director report to Douglas Sellers. They are on a team with Margaret Molloy - Global Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Business Development, Jason Cieslak - President, Pacific Rim, and Jared Fink - Group Director, Experience. Douglas Sellers reports to Howard Belk, Co-CEO, Chief Creative Officer.


  • Executive Creative Director

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