Kshitij Kaushik

Senior Vice President - Global Asset Management at SkyPower Global

Kshitij Kaushik has extensive work experience in the renewable energy industry. Kshitij started their career at Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (Ireda) in 1993 as a Research Associate. Kshitij then joined Tata Power Solar Systems Limited in 1994 as a Senior Engineer in Marketing. In 1999, they moved to Asian Electronics Limited as a Deputy General Manager, where they worked until 2005. In 2006, they joined Headfusion Inc as a Manager in Business Development. Kshitij then transitioned to the role of Director of Projects at SkyPower Corp in 2008 and subsequently at SkyPower Limited in 2010. Kshitij'sroles in these companies focused on project management. In 2012, they became an Associate Vice President at SkyPower Global, and by 2017, they were promoted to Vice President. Kshitij currently holds the position of Senior Vice President - Global Asset Management at SkyPower Global.

Kshitij Kaushik has a strong educational background, with degrees obtained from reputable institutions. Starting in 1988, they attended Aligarh Muslim University, where they earned their Bachelor's degree in Engineering in 1992. Following this, they pursued higher education at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, from 1994 to 1996, obtaining a Master's degree in Energy Studies. Later, Kshitij Kaushik attended the University of Waterloo in 2005, completing the MBET program in Business Entrepreneurship and Technology in 2006. With a varied academic background in engineering, energy studies, and business entrepreneurship, Kshitij Kaushik possesses a well-rounded knowledge base to excel in diverse fields.



  • Senior Vice President - Global Asset Management

    January, 2023 - present

  • Vice President

    July, 2017

  • Associate Vice President

    June, 2012

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