Smoke Alarm Solutions

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They are the leading provider of residential smoke alarm services, providing an experience that can be trusted.





Org chart

Cassandra O’Regan
Business Improvement Manager

Cassandra O’Regan

Ashleigh Selway
Business Improvement Coordinator
Matthew Dean
Business Improvement Coordinator
Paul Briggs
Chief Executive Officer
James Baylis
Head Of Marketing
Poonam Gundecha
Service Delivery Client Success Manager
Ben Kilian Ca (SA)
Head Of Finance
Jacqueline Moore-Moroney
Organisational Change And Training Manager
Stephen Shine
National Sales Manager
Mark Shakespeare
Head Of Client Service Operations
Sam Das
Head Of Client Services Operations
Russell Churchley
Environment Health And Safety Manager
Suzanne van der Merwe
Business Development Manager
Abyudaya Marisa
Test Analyst